Delivered from our farm, directly to the processor, all you have to do
is pick out your cuts. We take care of the rest.


We are a family-owned business combined with over 25 years of experience in animal husbandry. Teague Premium Beef is located in the heart of Bell Buckle, TN. Our cattle are humanely raised with unlimited access to fresh water, hay, grass and grained daily. Our grass-fed and grain finished feeding program provides our customers with a tender, flavorful, nutritious protein to share with their families.



Locally Sourced


Humanely Raised

Delivered from our farm directly to the processor


"I order my first half beef share during the pandemic when the grocery stores had shortages, I believe it was August of 2020 when I picked up my beef share from the processor. I was highly impressed with the quality and the taste difference. Hands down 100% better than any store bought processed meat. Fast forward to 2022 and I have almost depleted my beef share and have placed my second order. I will forever be a customer of Teague Premium Beef. If your on the fence about trying a beef share reach out to Rachel she will answer any questions, she was very helpful with guiding me through the process. She even helped me pick out what cut of meats I wanted and I how wanted them cut. Do yourself a favor and get some Teague Premium Beef!" -

- Jennifer G. Google Review

"A 1/2 beef share was purchased for my son this past fall, and he could not be happier! The quality of meat is good, this company was user friendly and helpful for a first time buyer. My son was able to choose the cuts he wanted, and when I started looking to purchase a 1/2 share, I was told that it would be difficult to acquire! Not so! I have recommended Teague Premium Beef to my friends and colleagues. This company is the go to for our next beef purchase!"

-Veronica H. Google Review

"We have purchased beef from Teague Premium Beef three times and it has been superb every time. The quality of beef is fantastic…much better than grocery store beef. The price is the best part…a huge savings over grocery store prices. You’ll never be satisfied with grocery store beef again after you eat Teague Premium Beef."

- Chris B. Google Review